Cloud Softswitch and Communication Solutions

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Innovative cloud communications platforms that help you connect with your customers, including a cloud Softswitch and cloud PBX.

A SaaS platform designed to grow with your business


We ensure your business is available 24/7

Maintenance Free

We have fully-certified experts managing your systems for you


We have servers located in key locations across the world

Our Products

We can provide you with a range of innovative and intuitive solutions that give you
visibility and stability for all your customers business communications.

Class 4 SIP Cloudswitch

Our Class 4 SIP Cloudswitch provides a sophisticated fully cloud-based cost-effective communications platform for routing and billing calls.

Class 5 Cloud PBX

Combined with our Class 4 switch, our Class 5 cloud PBX provides scaleable rich communication applications such as IVR, queues, voicemail and more.

AnyEdge SIP Loadbalancer

We’re the only SaaS switch providers in the world to provide an Anycast SIP Loadbalancer which can gives the highest availability and scalability, with a globally spanning low latency network. Helping to keep your customers stable and online.