ConnexCS is a fully cloud-based carrier service built to keep your VoIP calls
clear and connected for less. Solutions starting from $20.00.

Authentication Methods (IP / Username / Shared IP access.)
ConnexCS Invoicing

ConnexCS Invoices

Send your clients an email or an SMS before their account balance goes to zero giving both them, and you, the opportunity to keep business flowing without interruption. Both messaging services can also be used to keep your clients informed of operational improvements, price changes and anything else you want to tell them either individually or ‘en masse’.

Customer Portal

CDRs, stats & payments, Online portals allow your customers to manage their own credit, top-ups, rate cards, CDRs and stats.


Our all-in-one dashboard allows your customers quick and easy access to all sections of the switch such as logs, invoicing, payments, rate cards etc. See how many channels your individual carriers are using in real time plus graphical data showing CPS and attempts.

Everything in Sync

Allow your customers to update their records by themselves. Customers can even sign contracts and add their own CLI’s. Furthermore we will validate them for you.

Highly Secure & Modern

Free SSL certificate and a clean effective web 2.0 interface which will work on all platforms. Need something more? We give you the API to make it your own.

ConnexCS Invoices

ConnexCS Invoices

Statistics & Comprehensive Reports.

Real-time stats for immediate decision making and problem-solving. Infinite history on long term stats for forecasting. Multi-vector querying on breakout reports isolating strengths/weaknesses in profitability. Beautiful graphs detailing ASR, CDR, DTMF, duration and more.