Class 5 Cloud PBX

Combined with our Class 4 switch, provides scaleable rich communication applications 
such as IVR, queues, voicemail and more.

An introduction to Class 5 Cloud PBX

A PBX, or private branch exchange, is a unique system that allows organisations to manage their outgoing and incoming calls, and permits internal communication within a business.

Some of our latest PBX offerings have had a rich selection of exciting features intended to make communication powerful and easier within organisations. The right PBX can even boost productivity for your company.

Low Cost Entry

From only $1.25 per endpoint per month. Smart telecoms will not break the bank

Multiple Compenents

Conference Bridges, Interactive Voice Menus, Voicemail, Hunt Groups, Call Queues to name a few

Hunt Groups

Ring Groups Call DistributionHunt Groups, commonly known also as Ring Groups, are a lean but effective call routing strategy. Ideal for growing companies, Ring Groups are categorizations that group team members based on their departmental proficiencies and then ring all of their numbers at the same time whenever a call comes in for any particular team or department. This is great for teams that need to give customers clear options when they call in but that also have low enough call volume that they don’t need sophisticated balancing to make sure no one member gets overwhelmed. Hunt Groups also come as standard features to all Dash Plans, so they often come as a bonus to businesses looking to save money over traditional, on-site PBX systems.

Call Queues

Call Queues, also known as ACD Queues, go beyond the simple but effective approach to call routing of Hunt Groups. Characterized by the ability to balance call volume and calculate overflow and escalation contingencies, true departmental queues are complex systems that have historically been cost prohibitive for many companies to implement. Much of that cost came from the fact that each time a change was made to the organization of all of the various ways to route and balance call traffic used to require the presence of an on-site technician from the telephone company. This was wildly expensive and reserved for only the largest organizations until the advent of the virtual PBX that allowed for, like all hosted software applications, changes to be made remotely and as many times as a user needed to make them. As a result, hosted business telephone systems like Dash empower admins to manage their systems in real time from anywhere they have access to an internet or data connection.

Some of the advanced functions of a modern, cloud-based ACD Queue system like what is on Dash include:

  • Team-based and needs-based grouping of employees.
  • Designation of agents or teams for overflow call management during high-volume periods.
  • Flexible queue distinctions for agents or teams with multi-disciplinary expertise.
  • Smart routing only sends callers to available employees.
  • Wrap-up time controls to ensure employees are busy, but never overwhelmed.
  • New employee/apprentice employee designation to throttle traffic to team members in training.
  • Real time call metrics, analytics, and live call-tracking for administrators.
  • Call RecordingMyriad other potential configurations all designed to cater the fastest, most efficient call experience.

How does an IVR System operate?

In an Interactive Voice Response system, callers are given the choice to select options by pressing digits. The press of the digit on the telephone keypad sends a DTMF tone to the company host system which then selects the appropriate action / response according to the digit pressed.

Where are IVR Systems Used?

IVR systems can normally handle and service high volumes of phone calls. With an Interactive Voice Response system, businesses can reduce costs and improve customers’ experience as Interactive Voice Response systems allow callers to get the information they need 24 hours a day without the need of costly human agents.

Some IVR applications include telephone banking, flight-scheduling information and televoting.

3CX has a built-in IVR that is designed to boost the competence of any business by increasing flexibility, simplifying processes and reducing costs, at the same time as improving customer satisfaction.