An Out of the Box Telecoms Network

Are you Looking for an out of the box telecoms network? Don’t have much technical knowledge? We can help you build the foundations of your own telecommunications company. ConnexCS provides a global turnkey solution. This means that if you’re non-technical or wish to invest more time in other areas of your business such as sales,

TLS and 2FA Security on the ConnexCS Platform

According to the financial times, telecoms fraud can cost the industry $17bn a year. With this in mind, ConnexCS strive to add as much security to our platform as possible. We strive to make sure your data and platform are secure. Therefore we use Transport Layer Security (TLS) and 2 factor authentication (2FA) which can

Email and SMS Alerts

It’s vital to keep customers updated on certain aspects of their telecommunications. If for example calls suddenly stop, it causes panic about the quality of your service. However, if the customer has simply run out of credit, then it’s a simple resolution. We can protect customers and providers by offering Email and SMS alerts to

ConnexCS WebPhone SDK Connector

To enhance integration of our WebPhone we’ve recently released our Webphone SDK Connector. This allows users to easily incorporate the WebPhone within their own applications. What is our Webphone? Our Webphone is a simple WebRTC application which runs directly within your browser. It acts similarly to softphones or physical handsets without the need to download

Scalability – Grow at Speeds That Suit You

ConnexCS provides the ability to scale at a speed that suits you. We understand that growth is not linear and that your business might need to adapt quickly. As we provide more than just a single switch, you are not limited by the capabilities of a single box. One of the most common questions we

Rate Card Profit Assurance

The reason we are all in business is to make a profit and it is the basis of all our actions, so when calls go from customer to provider you want every call to be profitable. Here, at ConnexCS, we provide 2 techniques to ensure profitability. Rate Generation from Providers Rate Cards Many other systems

Timeout Protections (SIP Ping, SST)

A downside of using SIP over a lossy sub-protocol such as UDP is the possibility of Long Duration Calls (LDC) caused by Missing BYE messages. This is a major concern if you are passing millions of calls per day and can prove costly to you and your clients. ConnexCS uses several techniques to combat this,

ScriptForge – Javascript Routing

Switching is getting calls from A to B, however its often more complicated than that, it can go from A to B, C, D, E, then how about in a specific order, which is different dependant on many factors, time of day, quality, originating number (CLI Localization), destination number (Block List), not after X seconds

The Best Multi-POP Cloudswitch

ConnexCS is a Cloud-Native solution, our switch from day 1 was built for the global deployments and horizontal scalability, we have never been a solution that fits onto a single machine. A cloud-first solution means that you get the full power of modern computing architecture, no single point of failure (SPOF) and data is always

Redundant Redundancies (Backups of backups)

One of the key aspects of offering telecommunications is network stability. ConnexCS continually looks for ways to make our network more reliable. Therefore we’ve developed our AnyEdge solution. AnyEdge uses Anycast which is a technique to advertise an IP address from multiple pops. It uses Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) to ensure that you always talk