Introducing ConnexCS WebPhone

ConnexCS are delighted to announce our latest development, a stand-alone WebRTC WebPhone application which runs directly within your browser. Why use a WebPhone? By using our WebPhone you can quickly and easily make calls from your browser. This saves you time installing and setting up softphones or configuring handsets. Furthermore, users can utilise the softphone

ConnexCS expands AnyEdge SIP Load Balancer to India

We’re delighted to announce that we have successfully deployed an AnyEdge node in Pune India. This further enhances our AnyEdge SIP Load Balancer by creating shorter routes and improved availability.   What is ConnexCS AnyEdge SIP Load Balancer? Connex AnyEdge SIP Load Balancer advertises your IP address with us from multiple endpoints. Using Border Gateway

Populating Our Support Area With Cloud Softswitch Video Guides

To make it even easier for users to operate the software, we’re putting together a series of short video guides for our cloud softswitch. The videos have been uploaded to our YouTube channel and we will continue to populate it over the coming months.  Listening to feedback from our customers, it has been suggested that

Carrier-grade communications to combat covid-19
Combatting Covid-19 with Carrier-Grade Communications Solutions to Help Users Work Remotely

Since the Coronavirus swept through the globe it has caused many countries to go into lockdown. As a result, many businesses have been unable to travel to offices and have had to adapt to working from home. For those with advanced telecommunications systems that are based in the cloud, this has been a seamless transition.

Simplifiying our Softswitch Pricing

Despite there being quite a comprehensive page on our website, at ConnexCS one of the most asked questions is: How much does it cost? So let me try and explain our pricing policy. We have two different pricing models: Per channel Per minute. The thing that confuses most people is that this is an OR

Comprehensive Cloud Softswitch Documentation

So you are new to our Switch? You want to get set up or perhaps you need something a little more detailed? But how do you go about it? Well, we have comprehensive, feature rich documentation available for you here: You will find our Getting Started guide a really useful document when you are

Understanding Global RTP Servers (Lowest Latency Possible, High Availability)

One of the most important parts of VoIP communications is the Media. Let’s face it if your clients can’t talk to their customers because the audio is bad, or non-existent, then they are going to be extremely unhappy with you.  In VoIP RTP (Real-time Transport Protocol) is the format for delivering the media and this