AnyEdge SIP Load Balancer

Give your communications an edge with AnyEdge

An introduction to AnyEdge

Anycast is a technique to advertise an IP address from multiple pops. It uses BGP to ensure that you always talk to the nearest server and if there are any problems we simply drop a zone and your traffic fails over to the next nearest.

There are many techniques to achieve greater availability in SIP, but many of these require the co-operation of 3rd party UAC’s and customers having the correct config. There are also scenarios where you need to route through an IP address repeatedly such as with NAT pin-holing. This is where our anycast can be the perfect solution.

See AnyEdge in action

Awesome Latency

Not only highly scalable, but provides the lowest latency wherever you are.

Surge Protection

10Gbps DDoS Protection on Layer 3 & 4, even more granular protection on your SIP Traffic.

Blazing Speed

10,000 Calls Per Second, Instant Updates, Instant Fail over ensuring high-quality reliability

AnyEdge SIP Load Balancer Features




CPS & CPS Breach Merits

Customisable Far End NAT Traversal

Registration Proxy

Outbound Proxy

Custom Call Distribution Algorithm, (Weights and Priorities)

AnyEdge Pricing

Available with or without
Connex Cloudswitch


cost per seat per month