Rate Card Profit Assurance

The reason we are all in business is to make a profit and it is the basis of all our actions, so when calls go from customer to provider you want every call to be profitable. Here, at ConnexCS, we provide 2 techniques to ensure profitability. Rate Generation from Providers Rate Cards Many other systems

Timeout Protections (SIP Ping, SST)

A downside of using SIP over a lossy sub-protocol such as UDP is the possibility of Long Duration Calls (LDC) caused by Missing BYE messages. This is a major concern if you are passing millions of calls per day and can prove costly to you and your clients. ConnexCS uses several techniques to combat this,

ScriptForge – Javascript Routing

Switching is getting calls from A to B, however its often more complicated than that, it can go from A to B, C, D, E, then how about in a specific order, which is different dependant on many factors, time of day, quality, originating number (CLI Localization), destination number (Block List), not after X seconds