About us and our team.

Connex Carrier Services is a small, but dedicated, team based in Staffordshire, England with a fresh, new approach to VoIP telecommunications. The aim of the company is to provide customers with a new type of Class 4 softswitch, designed and built specifically in the Cloud.

ConnexCS was spun out of Digipigeon Limited, an established telecoms company, through the need of an independent switch system which could handle the volumes and complexities of modern VoIP.

The company is a profitable, zero-debt private limited company registered in the United Kingdom with offices both there and in Bangalore, India. We have no investors that we need to impress, just customers. We have a multi-cultural team of skilled professionals with vast experience in telecommunications, computer programming and customer service who are committed to helping our customers.

We are all keen to make our product the best in the market and we have an open approach to working with companies to accomplish their requirements.

ConnexCS is a switch built for the cloud. Switches designed for single servers lack inherent scalability and traditional switches designed for scalability lack modern cloud awareness.

Quote from Jonathan Hulme, MD

sscaJonathan Hulme, BSc(HONS)

                     Managing Director

As Managing Director and owner of Connex Carrier Services Jonathan is the motivation behind the company and is responsible for the technical advancement of ConnexCS. He is a Computer Scientist, Programmer and Entrepreneur who sometimes goes ‘full-nerd’ as he is obsessed about technical implementations.

Throughout his life Jonathan has had an aptitude for technology and a passion for business. Aged 14 he started his first computer company building pcs then repairing them until finally moving into the business sector and has accumulated 16 years of business expertise in the process.

Jonathan graduated from Keele University in 2006 with a Dual Honours in Computer Science and Business Administration and seeing the potential and entrepreneurial spirit he had, the University set him on their Stepping Stones Scheme for new business start ups. He has never looked back and Connex is the latest of his ventures.

When not tripping the light fantastic with his partner, and fiancé, as part of a Latin American formation dance team, he can be found hiking through the hills with his trusty four legged companion Murphy.


Cassmpte Wheatley, BSc(HONS)

                      Customer Services Manager

Cate spent her early years working in sales in the private sector before transferring to customer services in the public sector. Here she honed her customer relation and communication skills. As a mature student Cate graduated from the University of Essex with a BSc (HONS) in Rural Environmental Management and then went on the study for the MENV Science & Society also at Essex.

Cate spent almost 4 years in the Dominican Republic working in Tourism and experiencing life in a third world country as well as learning Spanish – with a South American accent!
Upon return to the UK Cate spent time bringing up her family until she joined WWRD ltd., at the Wedgwood factory as a factory tour guide where she spent two years showing people around the fine bone china factory explaining the skills and techniques. She joined ConnexCS in 2014 as the Customer Service Manager.

Cate loves helping people and has an irrepressible enthusiasm with a quirky sense of humour. She is heavily involved with the Scout Association in her spare time and also likes to spend time growing her own fruit and vegetables in her garden ably assisted by her young son George and her furry baby Connie.


Rizwan Syed, BBM, Dip Computer Application,

2nd Line Network Support Engineer

Since leaving school Rizwan studied for his Bachelor of Business Management (BBM) (2010) and at the same time also studied for his Diploma in Computer Applications (2008).

Always destined to succeed, on graduating Rizwan went straight in as Team Leader of the Sales and Marketing team at the 5* Golden Palms Hotel & Spa, Bangalore. Here he honed his leadership and organisational skills as well as putting into practice all that he had learnt about business management.

His achievements did not go unnoticed and he was soon offered a position with TATA Business Services as a Technical Support in their media empire. His determination and capabilities meant that he was quickly promoted to Senior Technical Associate where he gained more customer service experience and also learned fraud detection.

Always looking for new challenges Rizwan had the burning desire to be his own boss and so he left TATA in 2010 and set up his own 25 seat call centre, Eve Inventions, whilst also selling VoIP minutes to other call centres. It was through these activities that Rizwan was noticed by Jonathan and was soon invited to take up a position with Digipigeon Cloud Technologies Pvt Ltd. The glamour of running his own company had faded so Rizwan accepted the offer and joined Digipigeon as Sales Manager. Within a few months he had been transferred to the newly created sister company of Connex Carrier Services as a 1st Line Network Support Engineer.

Rizwan loves technology and there are not many problems with computers that he cannot fix. He has a passion to be successful and to be the best at what he does.

In his spare time he is a movie nut who loves nothing better than sitting back with the latest Hollywood blockbuster, that is, when he is not building his own house or enjoying a bit of quiet fishing.


Ramu Nune, B.Tech


Ramu completed his Diploma in Electronics & Communications Engineering in 2005 and then went on to study for his Bachelor in Technology in Electronics & Communications Engineering (ECE) graduating in 2008.

He started work as an instrumentation engineer for Meghalaya Cements Ltd checking and maintaining the software for the cement machines and he also undertook a PHP course outside work which he completed in 2012.

The PHP qualification and skills allowed Ramu to take a different path and he found himself working for Emirian Solutions as a PHP developer and developing web applications. His software talents came to the attention of Jonathan and Ramu was inducted into the Digipigeon family in 2014 before moving over to the sister company of ConnexCS in 2015.
Ramu has a very curious mind – always wanting to know new things especially cultural differences. He is a deeply spiritual soul who follows the meditational teachings of Brahma Kumaris and is newly married. He has a gift for photography and loves to cook and, being soft hearted he took in a stray cat who he has named Tony.


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