Rate Card Management

Extensive rate card manipulation inc NPA-NXX

Use our strict logic rate card engine to transform & merge your providers rate cards to make your own. Reduce human error by using scripts to set your profits.


Local Number Portability Routing

Intelligent cost savings by correctly routing your calls.


Actionable data and reports

Interpret what’s going on with your calls and track down bugs using our always active SIP Trace with ease.

Independent RTP

Send RTP through least cost path.

Route your calls through a seperate RTP cluster, even if you don’t have a switch in that country.

Smart & Strong

Intelligently-designed resilient architecture

A platform not a box, expertly implemented system, not just a switch in any datacentre.

Maintenance Free

Fully-hosted cloud-based system.

We handle all the routine maintenance for you so there is no need to have any VoIP knowledge.

Customer Portal

CDRs, stats & payments

Online portals allow your customers to manage their own credit, topups, rate cards, CDRs and stats.

Massive Scalability

1000 or 10,000+ channels.

Experience NO LIMITS, need more CPS or more channels, or servers in a different country, no problem. Still one control panel.


Run your own scripts.

Run your own scripts inside the routing engine or post billing.

DTMF Detection

Know exactly how well your CC routes are doing.

Passively measuring DTMF and compare to identify under performing routes.

Complete Feature List

Unlimited Customers
No limits on customers, authorised IP's, UserRegistrations
Prepay & Postpay
Account cut-off when credit limits have been reached
Use different currencies per account or rate-card (USD, GBP, EUR, INR, AUD and many more)
Tax Management
Set VAT/Sales Tax per customer
Restrict CLI
Restrict cusomers to 1 or many CLIs, including forcing a default if no other valid CLI is found
Detailed Live & historic ACD, ASR, CPS, DTMF, channel and ring time graphs
PayPal Payments
Integrated payment gateway in customer portal for easy online topups
PayPal MassPay instant crediting available
Customer Portal
Branded & white-label customer portals on portal.yourdomain.com
Global customer view (inc ASR, ACD, PDD, CPS, Channels)
Top level view on all your customers statistics on one page
Bulk IP allocation for customers
Add multiple IP addresses together
Customer controlled IP authentication
Access to your customers to add their switch IP addresses
SIP Users / UAC Authentication
Softphone or Dynamic IP, use Username / Password Authentication
Granular customer statistical reports
Last 24 hours with second resolution, last 7 days with minute resolution, forever with per hour resolution
Customer search system
Filter based on activity or search based on name or contacts
Customer profitability guarantee
Enable profit assurance to ensure you don't lose money
Customer Shut-off notification System
Don't allow customer overspend, cut off exactly when you want to.
Multiple Logins per customer
Add as many contacts/staff as you like, each with seperate logins
Contacts per Department
Add detailed points of contact per department
Channel / ASR / ACD / CPS/ PDD/ Ring Time/ Attempt / Conntected / Balance Graphs
Graphs available for all of these data points
Code & Destinations Pie charts
See the codes & destinations dialled by your customers
Latest Calls - Realtime
All calls shown in Realtime even before they have completed
Active Dialogs
See all active call dialogs per customer
Credit (Pre Pay) / Debit (Post Pay) Accounts
Nice and simple prepay & postpay accounts
Low Balance Alerts
Sends an automatic low balance alert to any email address
CDR Date Selector
See all your CDR records for a specific day, week, month or your own custom range
Download CDR
Download your customer CDR records from the control panel
Unlimited Carriers
No limits on carriers
Egress Balancing
Multiple outbound IP addresses per carrier
Live & historic ACD, ASR, CPS, DTMF, channel and ring time graphs
Authenticate by Username/Password or IP
Strategic Routing
Multiple routing algorythms, LCR, Random, Weighted Random or Manual
Intrastate & Interstate routing as well as LRN for USA & Canada destinations
Profit Assurance
Ensure that you never lose a cent on routing
Strongly Consistant
Rate Cards
Observe a direct routing flow between customers > customer rate card > provider rate card >provider
Call Simulator
Check how the routing engine behaves without making a single physical call
Independent RTP
Sends your calls via a local RTP cluster to reduce audio latency
Fault Tolerant load balancer
Optional Load balancer to spread calls evenly across the SIP servers
Generate LCR from your carriers as default
Set LRN or DN per customer/routing
Bill your customer based on LRN fully included or DNIS
Elastic routing infrastructure
Many single servers are joined together to give you maximum power
Round Robin vendor routing
Allow calls to access all providers in sequence
Random Routing
Randomly distribute calls to your provider, or add a weight to providers to increase their traffic
Tiered Routing
Have consistant backups and multiple primary carriers, or mix it as you choose
High capacity call routing
The routing engine can handle 10000+ cps
Rate notification system
Available but not automatic - yet!
CLI / P-Asserted-ID Manipulation
P-Assert-ID Add / Replace / Modify based on RegEx
CLI Allow match based on RegEx
CLIs that match the Number or RegEx value are passed through
CLI Replace/ Modify
CLI Replace/Modify match based on RegEx
Force CLI / P-Assert-ID
Override P-Assert-ID or CLI
CLI Restrictions
White list the CLIs to restrict access
Unlimited Rate Cards
No limits on rate cards or rules per card
Complete System
Comprehensive rate card management system
Easy Upload
Upload your rate card in XLS, CSV, XLSX or inside an optional ZIP file in any column order
Card Builder
Build your cards intelligently by combining your carriers rates
Profit Management
Add your markup by absolute cost, relative cost or percentages
Auto LCR
Automatic LCR Generation
Add your cards in multiple currencies and let us sort them for you
Tech Prefix
Add a tech prefix per card or per switch
NPA-NXX Compatible
Manage complicated NPA-NXX rules as well as LRN
Revision History
Ensure you have a complete log of all your changes
Free LRN Dips
Use our daily updated LRN database for free, no latency on external lookups
Unlimited Number of Rate Cards
Add as many cards as you need with no limit on the amount of rules per card either
Auto LCR generation based on codes.
Intelligent LCR generation, pre-computing for high speed LCR routing
Custom rate allocation
Assign multiple rate cards to a customer and seperate them by dialstring or tech prefix
Adjustable call cost rounding decimals
Rounding up to 6 decimal places
Upload Rate Card
Easy drag and drop file upload
Supports CSV, XLS, TSV, XLSX & ZIPped imports
We will automatically unzip the file and prepare it for import so you dont have to
Remote Download Rate Card
Pull your rate cards directly from your providers site.
Manually Build Rate Card
Create your rate card with a simple spreadsheet interface, perfect for small cards
Create / Generate rate card based on multiple provider Rate Cards - BIG THING
Can transform multiple provider rate cards simultaneously, intelligently normalizing source rules for cross rate comparisons.
- Base Profits on Absolute / Relative or Percentage Cost
Generate profit internally using absolute, relative or percentage billing method
- Base profits on Min / Max / Average of Parent Card Cost
Generate profit on min, max or average values when using percentage billing method
Rate Card Revision Management
Ensure you have a complete log of all your changes
Multiple Currency support for Vendor/Provider rate cards (USD, GBP, EUR, INR, AUD).
Add your cards in multiple currencies and let us sort them for you
Single Rate and NPA-NXX Cards (& LRN)
Manage rate cards by the code & bill them based on LRN or DNIS
Tech Prefix per provider switch, or per provider rate card.
Use multiple cards from a single provider
Advanced options for LCR mapping.
LCR, Reverse LCR, Manual, Round Robin defaults
Download Rate Cards
Download your customer & provider rate cards
Collpase NPA-NXX to Single rate and visa-versa
Convert your NPA-NXX card to single rate but stay lean and profitable
Pre-Calculated or Dynamic Routing
Doing LRN, we can calculate the LCR in realtime based on the results.
Supports Connection Costs
Takes connection fees into account or block them
Ability to block codes
Block specific codes on your customer account
Mix LRN and DN Decks
Use LRN and DN decks, we will calculate the LCR in realtime.
Best Standards
Elliptic Curve Cryptography & PBKDF2
2 Layers of Firewall
Dual protection where required
2 Factor Authentication
Required by all system engineers and optional on your login
Secure Backup
All your data is instantly replicated to a remote site to ensure no data loss in the event of failure
Optional Google Two Factor Authentication (Extra layer of security)
Required by all system engineers and optional on your login
Best Standards
Elliptic Curve Cryptography & Argon2 Password Hashing
Secure Backup
All your data is instantly replicated to a remote site to ensure no data loss in the event of failure
Comprehensive and organised support system
Live Chat
Tech support reachable via the website and control panel
Skilled Engineers
Skilled 1st and 2nd line support with detailed system and SIP knowledge to effectively diagnose your problems
Multi-site Monitoring
Comprehensive monitoring to help detect problems before they become critical
Status Page
Keep informed by checking our status page
Development Link
A developer is always happy to help and listen
NOC On-Demand
Our NOC technicians work for you and can even extend your in-house team
Comprehensive debugging and high-speed call log searches
Full SIP Traces
Dedicated always-on SIP Tracing capture with graphical analysis
1st line tech support
Professional 1st line tech support resolving 90% of issues.
Enhanced 2nd Line tech suport
Enhanced 2nd line tech support to solve really difficult problems.
Access to professional technical knowledge
Run custom script in routing realtime and post-billing
DTMF Detection
Passively detect DTMF to measure carrier success
Massively Scalable
Real Cloud & unlimited scalability
Multi-site Sync
Global servers always in sync and accessible through a single portal
Independent RTP
Sends your calls via a local RTP cluster to reduce audio latency
UAC & UAS - User / Pass or IP Auth (Customer & Carrier)
Authenticate your customers or providers by IP address or User / Password
Codec Restriction
Specify the codecs you wish to pass
Channel Limits
Limit the number of channels your customer can use
CPS Limits
Limit the number of CPS your customer can use
Prepend Prefix
Add prefix digits to the front of your numbers
Strip Prefix Digits
Remove prefix digits from the front of your numbers
CLI Prefix
Adds a prefix to your CLI
Batch Add IP
Add multiple IPs in one go
Point DID to IP address
Ability to point DID to IP Address/SIP URI
Point DID to SIP extension
Ability to point DID to SIP Extension/user
Set Monthly Cost
Auto bill monthly cost for a DID
Complete Billing
Comprehensive Origination Billing
Provision DID using API
Auto provision DID using API
Unlimited carriers.
No limits on carriers, authorised IP's
Daily vendor reports
Schedule your daily vendor reports automatically
Vendor IP allocation
Add vendor IP address with no limits
Vendor rate allocation
Add unlimited provider cards
Vendor Maximum Balance notification
Notification when the vendor balance goes down
Unlimited vendor trend data
Statistics data stored forever
SIP Code Reply Mapping
Modify the incoming SIP Codes and change it for your customer
UAS - Username / Password or IP Authentication - All set per IP
Authenticate by IP address or User/pass
Pre-paid billing
Enabled as default
Post-paid billing
Choose your own debit limit to protect your customers spend
Instant invoice generation
CDR Realtime Processing
Processing of CDR in real time.
Account summary
Highly customised report, per day, week or month
LRN billing
Bill your customer calls based on LRN
Dialed number billing
Bill your customer calls based on DN
Jurisdictional billing
Bill your calls based on Inter/intra/Indet
Online CC payment portal
Payment using your Credit Card (Stripe)
Multiple server real time backup
Real time data backup on multiple servers with instant access.
Unparalleled reliability, redundancy and speed of data access.
Unparalleled reliability, redundancy and speed of data access.
Troubleshooting Rate Card Discrepancies
The ability to compare rate cards to identify discrepancies in billing between customers and providers.
Customisable Data Sheets
Add unlimited columns to capture all your data & unlimited rows to capture all your calls.
On-Demand Statistics
Detailed statistics of ACD/ASR/NER/PDD on demand.
Multiple servers to reduce latency.
Deploy Multiple servers of your choice to reduce latency
Restart/turn off Server
Application & OS power access
Server Statistics
Detailed statistics of server including CPU utilization, SNMP load average & ping live graph.
Easy Access
Manage multiple severs in 1 control panel
Scalable Servers
Instantly scalable at the click of a button
Load Balancers
Deploy Single or multiple load balancers to server your switch cluster.
DNS Level
Manage your round-robin A records and your SRV records through the same interface


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