Class 4 SIP Cloudswitch

Provides a sophisticated fully cloud-based cost-effective
communications platform for routing and billing calls.

All in One platform that's smart, simple and fast

Horizontally scalable SaaS platform designed for the cloud to grow with your business. A softswitch platform which is agile, that adjusts to your business needs in real-time.

A service without limits. Have as many CPS, channels, servers in other countries as you need, all managed from the same control panel.

Architecture & Scalability

Our entire platform is deployed across heterogeneous providers designed to mitigate SPOF, poorly scalable VPS’s and inflexible hardware

Customers & Carriers

Our all-in-one dashboard allows your customers quick and easy access to all sections of the switch.

Rates & Routing

Build bespoke customer rate cards and reduce human errors by allowing ConnexCS to build the code list from your carrier’s cards.

Problem Solving

With an endless list of possibilities when it comes to reporting, our SIP Cloudswitch give comprehensive details to allow you to measure your business performance

Cloud First

ConnexCS is not just a cloud first architecture, you are NOT renting a single server. Our entire platform is deployed across heterogeneous providers designed to mitigate SPOF, poorly scalable VPS’s and inflexible hardware. An intelligent combination of the best hosting providers gives you the best platform possible today. Don’t expect your switch image on a VPS to keep up with a cloud first network

Dedicated IP Address

No sharing of IP addresses, your SIP server has its very own dedicated IP address.

Multi-Server Network

As soon as you need to move from a single server deployment to a multi-server deployment things get complicated right? Not with the right infrastructure powering your network. At Connex all servers are managed through a single responsive high powered interface.

Proximity POPs

Don’t settle for a server in USA if your traffic is in Europe, you chose which continent you want your servers on.

Global RTP Clusters

Even if your server is deployed in USA, but you want to run traffic to and from Europe, no problem. Change your customer’s route to engage media local to their region, meaning lower latency and better call quality for your customers.

  • Global Server Deployment
  • System Status
  • Long Duration Call Timeout Detection.
  • SIP Ping
  • RTP Timeout
  • SIP Session Timers
  • High Availability SLA
  • Call Recording
  • DNS
Authentication Methods (IP / Username / Shared IP access.)
ConnexCS Invoicing

Send your clients an email or an SMS before their account balance goes to zero giving both them, and you, the opportunity to keep business flowing without interruption. Both messaging services can also be used to keep your clients informed of operational improvements, price changes and anything else you want to tell them either individually or ‘en masse’.

Customer Portal

CDRs, stats & payments, Online portals allow your customers to manage their own credit, top-ups, rate cards, CDRs and stats.


Our all-in-one dashboard allows your customers quick and easy access to all sections of the switch such as logs, invoicing, payments, rate cards etc. See how many channels your individual carriers are using in real time plus graphical data showing CPS and attempts.

Everything in Sync

Allow your customers to update their records by themselves. Customers can even sign contracts and add their own CLI’s. Furthermore we will validate them for you.

Highly Secure & Modern

Free SSL certificate and a clean effective web 2.0 interface which will work on all platforms. Need something more? We give you the API to make it your own.

ConnexCS Invoices

ConnexCS Invoices

Statistics & Comprehensive Reports.

Real-time stats for immediate decision making and problem-solving. Infinite history on long term stats for forecasting. Multi-vector querying on breakout reports isolating strengths/weaknesses in profitability. Beautiful graphs detailing ASR, CDR, DTMF, duration and more.

Rates & Routing













Profit Type




Card Features
Multi Currency

Connex CS allows for multi-currency specification which allows you to tailor your services to fit the exact and changing needs of your clients.

Block Codes

When building your customer’s cards specify a white or blacklist on what to include/exclude. If the rate card does not have the code, it can’t be dialled.

Useful Information

Get access to a variety of data and metrics that allow you real time access to information that help you manage and optimize your Connex cloud based server.

Revision Management

Revert to a previous revision as required and with the whole system view attribute responsibility for any modifications back to the user who made them. All rate cards and routing can be revised at any time and Connex also records when and who made the revision allowing you better control over your business.

Single Rate or NPA-NXX

Choose between NPA NXX Database or one single rate to have great flexibility, customization and ultimately, the ability to have precise billing

Granular Rounding

> Billing Increments 1/1, 6/6, etc
> Duration Rounding, Up, Down,
Half-Up, Half-Down
> Billing Precision, 1 to 6 decimal places in billing
> Billing Rounding, Up, Down, Half-Up, Half-Down

Comprehensive Routing Management

Many routes per customer

A customer can subscribe to many rate cards, which in turn can have many different carriers and strategies. Each route you set-up has a plethora of parameters to configure exactly as you wish.

Multiple customers per IP address

Running many campaigns at the same location, want to connect a class 5 Switch or clients to share a connection? No worries we can accept calls from the same IP address with different tech prefix for different clients.

Identify route by dial pattern, Or tech prefix.

Setup routing based on dialling rules or tech prefix enabling amazing flexibility exactly the way either you or your customers need it.

Apply strategy to any number pattern

Has a single route in 1 or more carriers started to underperform? No need to change global routing on a card or carrier, routing strategies can be applied in specific codes, or even single numbers to mitigate performance issues without changing core routing.

Block Rules

Need to block certain calls from being connected? No problem, you can block destinations on specific customers on specific routes without churning up your whole system.

NPA-NXX (IntRA/IntER/InDET) Intelligent cost savings by correctly routing your calls.

We support InTERstate/InTRAstate and InTERstate/InTRAstate/InDETerminate as well as LRN rate cards, so we can make sure that all calls are billed correctly. Even better we give you unlimited LRN dips for free. If you want to buy in NPA/NXX we provide easy tools for generating single rate or flat rate, all whilst keeping you profitable. What about relative profit on your LRN cards? All done in the system, no dealing with spreadsheets.

Channel & Advanced CPS Limits
Customer, Carrier & Route

Choose exactly where you want to throttle the traffic, on the customer side, the carrier side, or on a specific route for the customer.

Channel Limits

Reduce unnecessary server size capacity fails, increase throughput and lower PDD by correctly setting channel limits.

Advanced CPS

Intelligently restrict irregular CPS spikes whilst still maximising connectivity by using CPS buffering to smooth those CPS abrupt rises caused by budget diallers or careless customers. Handle 5x your maximum carriers CPS in bursts and deliver all those calls.

A solution to your routing problems
Call Simulation

If you make a routing change, or have fixed a problem for a customer, you can simulate a call (or repeat an existing one), through the routing engine to see if it produces the results as expected before you tell the customer “all done”.


Never Guess why a call is failing, detailed logs through every stage of the call’s lifetime.

Always-on SIP Packet Capture

Go Deep with packet inspection. Was something not right about a call that you saw last week? Ok, let’s look at the exact problem with always-on SIP Packet Logging. Analyse it with ease by using a SIP ladder to represent what’s happening graphically.


Directly see what calls are working on other carriers...

Realtime CDR

CDRs in realtime, never have to wait for a CDR to be generated before it’s downloaded, or have problems referring to CDR’s from 2 years ago, it’s all here and instantly available.


It’s time to be connected: is +3375200 a valid range? Is it landline or mobile? One click to find this information easily. If you need more information you can run an HLR or Number Ping to check to see if a number is live or not

Comprehensive Statistics and Reporting​
  • ASR
  • ASD
  • NER
  • PDD (by code)
  • Code Breakdown
  • DTMF
  • Channels
  • CPS (Peak and Average)
  • Balance at Epoch
  • Customer / Provider Destination Pie Chart
  • Breakout Report