The $10 Switch Insurance Policy

The marketplace for VoIP carriers is becoming increasing more competitive meaning VoIP carrier businesses are having to work harder and incur more costs to find and convert new clients. This results in even more emphasis being placed on client retention and client satisfaction.

If you operate your own VoIP switch and don’t have redundant switches incorporated into your system then you are placing yourself at unnecessary risk. For many businesses that rely on their VoIP carrier to manage their telecommunications, VoIP switch downtime can result in significant loss of revenue. For these firms, operational continuity plays an important role in their decision to stay with their current VoIP provider or, switch to a carrier, they perceive, as potentially more reliable. Therefore, it has to play a major factor in your client retention strategy.

The traditional solution would be to setup and integrate a redundant system that can take up the slack during downtime of the original system. A lot of carriers are reluctant to do this because they feel the burden of the extra cost and they are already struggling to keep their pricing competitive in the market place. Fortunately, a more cost effective solution has been developed allowing VoIP Carriers to have the best of both worlds.

By using Connex CS as your secondary switch, you can keep your existing switch and have a rock solid redundant solution. From $10 per month, you can insure your primary switch against any downtime – giving you 100% confidence in your uptime.

The system is pretty simple. Connex CS can give you a fully functional server for only $10 on their fully redundant platform. Should your primary switch go down for any reason the redundant system can be pre-authorized by your carriers, so that it is instantly operational when required.

This can really influence your business’ ability to retain clients. With no downtime to your system, your clients are going to be able to maintain operations and won’t suffer any loss of revenue from your service. Your new ability to be able to provide a continuous, unbroken service will build trust and increase client satisfaction leading to client loyalty.

At just $10 a month, it’s a really affordable solution and gives peace of mind. Just like using us as your primary switch, we can also scale at the click of a switch. So, as your client’s business changes and has to adapt to their ever-changing environment, so can their redundant switch solution to mirror their needs.

If you are not running a redundant system, then it’s something that you really should definitely consider integrating into your architecture because you can be sure your competitors have.

The reality of the VoIP carrier market place means that your competitors are likely to be speaking to your clients and explaining why they feel their service is a better fit for your client’s business. If they happen to make contact with your client at a time when they have suffered operational loss because of downtime, they are likely to be more receptive to hearing from other service providers and more likely to consider a change when they hear that your competitors are able to eliminate downtime all together thanks to their own redundant solutions.

Eradicate this worry by incorporating Switch Insurance from Connex CS. It adds another benefit to your service, it helps build client loyalty, and at $10 it really is an affordable solution that gives you peace of mind.

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