Why you should be delivering cloud-based VoIP switch services

As a VoIP provider, you are able to thrive in a competitive telecommunication industry because you’re offering the more flexible and cost effective telecom solutions to your SME clients. In today’s tough economic climate these drivers become critical-factor for decision makers.

It stands to reason that as a VoIP provider, you should position yourself as the provider able to supply solutions that offer the most flexibility and affordability. For this reason, using scalable a cloud-based switching platform allows you to deliver effective VoIP Services.

Cloud-based VoIP switches increase technical flexibility at a lower price point in a number of ways:

  • Zero initial setup cost.
  • There’s no need to buy expensive hardware.
  • No need for an expensive a consultant to configure the system.

However, the most significant saving is the IT expertise required to manage a physical infrastructure. To constantly maintain the system, you will have to allocate existing technical personnel to the system, recruit expertise or pay for expensive training.

Most of the clients we deal with have existing VoIP switch systems in place, which need upgrading. For these clients, ease of deployment, integration and ubiquity of a global VoIP switch platform results in much less impact on their business during the change AND much improved operational performance through continuous upgrades, increased reliability and redundancy.

Another advantage of utilizing cloud architectures is scalability. When purchasing hardware for a premise based solution will have to predict future growth and invest in equipment accordingly. If their assessment at the point of purchase was not accurate, it could become costly to have to buy larger appliances. A cloud platform allows you to scale in minutes as needed in an ever-changing telecoms world.

The world has become a lot smaller and business has become far more global. Many of your clients are likely to have offices and personnel in far reaching places. A global VoIP switch platform, like Connex Carrier Services, gives you the ability to offer your clients a truly worldwide telecommunications solution, meeting the needs of the entire business, regardless of location.

In today’s climate, a buzzword for many businesses is efficiency. With a cloud-based VoIP switch platform, you’re able to offer the possibility of having fully integrated solutions that connect with other everyday applications and processes to drive up productivity through increased efficiency.

Cloud-based VoIP switch platforms, like Connex Carrier Services, are able to offer a persistent business presence to the users thanks to accessibility whether in the office or on the go. It keeps information flow in real time.

Flexible platforms with inherent scaling properties across and above hardware boxes  represent the future of VoIP communications. It should be an important component of your telecommunications arsenal. For more information on wholesale switching platforms, click here.


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