Connex Carrier Services Cloudswitch

Switch Outside the Box

ConnexCS is a fully cloud-based carrier service built to keep your VoIP calls clear and connected for less. Solutions starting form $10.00.

Why choose us?

Unlimited Scalability

Horizontally scalable SaaS platform designed for the cloud to grow with your business

Killer Reliability

2n Geo-redundant architecture with carrier and provider-neutral lower-level infrastructure

Powerful Controls

Manage multiple nodes on a single screen

Built by Pros

Take advantage of our secure, stable platform built and run by our highly-skilled team of security experts and network architects

Super Secure

Data is always secure with TLS on data in-transit, intelligent hashing on passwords, encryption on data at rest and VPNs between all remote servers

Certified Support

SSCA Qualified SIP Engineers, multi-tier support over tickets, live stats and online chat

Ninja Smart

Strong and stable rate cards, built with you in mind to reduce human error and increase automation.

Maintenance Free

No more resource headaches with database archiving and downtime a thing of the past, maintaining industry-standard archival policies all for you


Say no to downtime and unstable connections, say yes to better business and bigger savings: choose ConnexCS – your smarter, safer and unlimitedly scalable VoIP solution.


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